Monday, July 28, 2014

Tobacco and the Negative Effects on Teeth

Tobacco has been proven as a cancer causing substance that ruins just about everything including oral hygiene. This article discusses those negative consequences to smoker’s mouths.
We’ve all heard it before, “Smoking is bad for you” but exactly how bad is bad?  Most people know that it causes cancer and hurts the lungs.  What these people overlook is the consequences to their oral hygiene that leave them running for a cosmetic dentist in Arizona.


Although gum disease can develop for many other reasons, smoking is related to at least half of the documented cases.  Gum disease causes inflammation to the gums and proceeds down into the root of the bones.

Eventually the bone will start to deteriorate and the teeth will fall out and at that point you’ll need to find a cosmetic dentist in Arizona to fix the problem.  One of the most popular solutions is dental implants, but smoking isn’t allowed in order to keep the implants healthy so eventually you will have to quit or develop more problems.

Oral Cancer

It’s true; you can get cancer in your mouth.  This type of cancer doesn’t get much publicity like breast cancer, but it has a higher kill rate at almost half.  Unless you are a tobacco user it is exceptionally rare that oral cancer will ever develop.

This means that oral cancer 9 out of 10 times is caused by tobacco. The longer a person has been smoking or chewing the greater their risk will be.  So if you’re planning on quitting don’t wait.


It can’t be promised that if a person doesn’t smoke or stops using tobacco that they won’t develop these problems.  There is just a significantly higher risk for tobacco users than those who don’t. It’s not just smoking anymore. All tobacco is harmful including chew and inhaling second hand smoke unfortunately.

The best ways to combat these diseases is to quit smoking, brush your teeth regularly, and visit the dentist on a routine basis.  Stopping tobacco products will instantly lower the chances of developing oral cancer.

Once your teeth are free of regular tobacco use they’ll still be yellow for a while or forever, but the chances to create a healthy oral environment increase. Gum disease is less likely as long as healthy brushing and flossing habits have been established.

Your dentist will be you’re greatest weapon in restoring a healthy mouth.  Routine cleanings will clear out the plague buildup and they will be able to help reverse all of the damage already done so that Phoenix doesn’t have an increase in dental implants. Making healthy choices should be at the top of everyone’s to do list and the use of tobacco is not on that list.  Despite all of the consequences that come along with its use people still continue to smoke.  Hopefully with all of the knowledge that is out there those individuals can take certain steps to reduce their risk. And to those of you who’ve quit, congratulations.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brushing Your Teeth the Correct Way part 2

The average person does not brush their teeth to the full extent that they should. This article seeks to inform those people of the proper techniques for brushing.

Growing up children learn a hundred different ways to brush their teeth.  Everything from brushing hard three times a day to brushing for as long as your favorite song.  Most of the tricks we learned as children are wrong and some may cause more harm than good. Not brushing the right way has negative effects like teeth loss where you’ll need cosmetic dentistry in Arizona to correct your smile.

Length and Quantity

Most of us know that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day maybe a third time if they feel extra icky.  If you’ve been following this rule then you’re off to a good start.  The next thing to focus on is how long to brush.

Usually people exaggerate how long they bush their teeth or simply think it is longer than how long they truly do brush.  A minute suffices, but length is relative to how good of a job you’ve done.  It’s like writing a term paper without page requirements where they say to write until your point has been made.  Brush your teeth until you’re positive that everywhere got clean.

Cleaning System

This is where it gets challenging.  Everything from rotation, angles, and being thorough can affect whether the teeth are truly clean or not.  First this back and forth motion that almost everyone is use to, it isn’t useless but that isn’t the recommended way.

Those lovely motorized brushes have it right with the circular spinning.  The circular motion is what will lift the plague and buildup off your teeth and cover more areas at the same time.  Another thing to remember is to hold the brush at an angle as if to clean underneath the gums.

The gums is where a lot of the bacteria will build up and can cause gum disease if not properly cleaned.  This leads to bone deterioration and cause increase the need for dental implants in Glendale, AZ. Also using a rough toothbrush or applying too much pressure can irritate the gums which is just as bad for them.

Be Precise

Most doctors recommend brushing in an order so as not to forget a section of your mouth.  Start with one side and work your way over before cleaning your tongue or getting sidetracked. As Americans most people use a larger quantity of toothpaste then necessary. This won’t negatively affect your oral hygiene, but it’s wasteful and why not help out planet earth.

Bacteria Be Gone

One of the most common mistakes is changing out the brush or brush head often enough.  A lot of us are guilty of keeping a toothbrush around even though the gap between the two sides of the bristles is wider than the Grand Canyon.  That brush is not doing you any favors and has more bacteria built up on it than people realize.  It is recommended to change out every three months or so.

If all of this is too much to remember then investing in an electric toothbrush will cut out half of the brainpower. You won’t have to remember how hard to brush or the circular motion.  They allow you to just angle the brush and remember to clean everywhere.  Good luck keeping that mouth healthy and happy – you can also always consider Cosmetic Dentistry Arizona to further improve your smile.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Brushing Your Teeth the Correct Way

This article will discuss the differences between dental implants and dentures.

For a long time now dentures have provided the best and perhaps only solution to tooth loss.  With technological advancements it is no longer the only option.  Dental implants have gotten a lot of attention lately and will continue to do so.
So how do you choose what the best option for you is?  Comparing the pros and cons side by side is the easiest way to weigh those options and choose.

Long Lasting

One of the first factors to consider is how long you will need the replacements.  It you are younger or middle aged then there is a good chance you’re going to need something that will last as long as teeth normally do.

Dental implants are proven to last a lifetime in most cases.  With the proper care they last as long as a set of normal teeth.  Dentures however do not last as long.  Dentures usually get replaced every five to eight years and that it with the extra proper care.


A major concern for some people is how secure the option is within their mouth.  If eating all of the same foods without having to worry about the replacements falling out then you want dental implants.

Implants are secured down into the jaw bone making the replacement just as strong as natural teeth and allowing for optimal food enjoyment. Dentures are placed into the mouth and can be secured down with adhesives like paste or wafers.  These options however don’t always hold when chewing and may taste bad.


Dentures don’t prevent all of the cosmetic and medical problems that occur with tooth loss.  Jaw disfigurement and bone recession are two of the largest concerns for people without teeth.  Wearing dentures doesn’t inhibit these problems and adds the inconvenience of sores and inflammation in the mouth
Dental Implants are a solution to the above problems.  In the long run the cost of dental implants might out weight the cost associated with fixing or managing jaw recession.  Other than the one short surgery and mostly painless recover there are no other problems associated with dental implants.


Cost will vary depending on the dentist and location.  In Arizona dentures are much cheaper than dental implants like most of the country.  The price varies upon the quality of the dentures but most of them cause the same problems.  Keep in mind that this is a cost of upkeep for every 5 to 8 years.

Dental implants are more expensive mostly because of the surgery required and the quality of work. Another factor to consider is that most insurance companies don’t cover implants the majority of the time, but it’s always worth checking in to.  Implants are usually a one-time cost and usually don’t require replacements. There is always a lot to consider when making a choice about your health and hopefully there is enough information out there to help you make that lifelong decision.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Flossing is Important

Everyone has heard before from their dentist how important it is to floss. This article seeks to inform people of the different reasons why and what to expect from flossing. It will certainly help you spend less time at the Sun City Dentist trying to deal with tooth decay.
Every year, twice a year, people hear how important it is to floss from their dentists.  Most of the time dentists don’t even elaborate as to why we should floss.  No matter how much we’d all like them to be wrong, flossing is a big preventative step to dealing with common oral diseases.

Flossing Deters

Just like brushing, flossing is a preventive measure to insure good oral health.  Not only does bacteria and plaque buildup on teeth, but there is plenty that gets stuck between them as well.

This is the plaque to worry about.  Without frequent flossing the plaque sticks around and continues to build.  This leads to cavities and gum disease.  Cavities require drilling and fillings, but gum disease requires much more.

Gum disease causes painful inflammation and if not dealt with quickly can spread deep down into the bone root causing deterioration.  Once the tooth is lost the easiest solution to regaining your smile and jaw function is teeth implants.


Flossing helps keep that youthful look in a quality smile.  By preventing gum disease it increases the aesthetics of your smile for a longer duration.  Although the gratification of flossing isn’t instantaneous you will notice a difference in the long run. The best way to floss is by wrapping the floss around each tooth and flossing in an up and down motion between each tooth. You may find that your gums are sore at first but with a daily routine, the inflammation will subside along with the soreness.

Things to expect

Just like any other habit it takes time to get use to flossing on a daily basis.  If you have to put a sticky note on your toothpaste every day to remind yourself then do it. A little bit of blood at first is normal because the gums are irritated from the plaque.  However if it doesn’t subside in a few days make an appointment with your Sun City dentist. Everyone should be flossing their teeth daily for the same reasons they brush them.  Not only does it keep your oral hygiene good, but it keeps you smiling and looking younger for longer.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dental Implants- Ensuring New Teeth with a New Smile

With the advent of modern dentistry techniques, now patients with missing teeth can find relief with new and permanent teeth, also known as dental implants.
Are you missing some or all of your teeth due to tooth decay or an injury? Having missing teeth puts a person in a very stressful situation and results in social embarrassment, which is difficult to endure. A patient with missing teeth not only loses his or her chewing ability but also the visual appearance. As a result of it, the victim loses the self-confidence to lead the same life as before.

While most people opt for dentures and bridges as inexpensive alternative to replace missing teeth, these solutions are temporary and increase the stress level of the patient. This is because, dentures look unattractive, drop out while laughing and speaking, require messy adhesives for cleaning and result in bone loss.

Teeth implants in Arizona – An effective and reliable solution

Teeth implants are effective alternatives for replacing missing teeth and enhance the facial features of the person. These natural looking teeth neither cause a slur nor drop out while speaking – however, they doincrease the eating ability of patients.

Teeth implants in Arizona – An effective and reliable solution

Dental implants or artificial teeth are made of titanium and are surgically inserted into the jawbone.

Considered as ideal options to replace missing teeth, dental implants can treat teeth that might have been broken, lost or chipped due to tooth decay, gum disease, accidental injury, chronic disease, root canal failure, or aging.

Dental implants are artificial teeth but provide you the comfort of natural teeth by appearing and functioning much like natural teeth. Once the dental implants are placed into your teeth, you may even forget that you ever had missing teeth. Since implants look and function like natural teeth, these require the same dental care as real ones. With regular brushing, flossing and periodic check-ups you can ensure the success of your implant treatment.

The long-lasting implants neither drop out nor cause irritation. Instead, these enhance your self-confidence giving you a ray of hope to lead a confident life.

While dentures and bridges provide a short term solution for missing teeth, dental implants offer a permanent solution and can provide you a better ability to chew your favorite food items. In addition, implants do not require any kind of alteration to the already existing teeth. As most of your teeth remain untouched during a single implant surgery, dentists ensure that all of your 32 teeth remain healthy and secure.

Get a long-lasting solution for your missing, broken or chipped teeth. Restore your smile, speaking efficiently and gain confidence with dental implants in Mesa.

Monday, June 23, 2014

How to keep your teeth strong and beautiful forever?

Despite following good oral health hygiene and care, our teeth lose their strength and beauty. As we age, our teeth become yellow, stained, and they become lose and start to fall out. If you wish to keep your teeth strong and beautiful for a lifetime, you must do a few important things.

Every day wear and tear can take its toll on your teeth and can make them cracked or chipped. Even though teeth by their very nature are resistant to cracks and chips; it still happens. They are strong enough to withstand their mechanical function which involves chewing, biting down, and mashing up of food. In order to minimize wear and tear in your teeth, you must avoid biting on extremely hard food, as well as, ice. You must also avoid grinding and clenching your teeth as grinding and clenching can wear down the surface of your teeth, making them vulnerable to damage and decay. Here are some tips from a cosmetic dentist in Arizona to keep your teeth strong and beautiful forever –
Prevent acid formation in your mouth
When you eat sugary and starchy food, you allow the bacteria present in your mouth to form acid. This acid eats away the tooth enamel and starts the process of tooth decay. To prevent this you must reduce the amount of sugary and starchy foods that you eat. Avoid carbonated drinks, cakes, chocolates, and candies. Frequent snacking should also be avoided as it increases your risk of acid erosion.
Avoid foods that cause staining
Over time our teeth become stained. They lose their original color and develop ugly stains and marks. To keep your teeth sparkling white, you may want to avoid drinking coffee, tea, and red wine as these items can stain your teeth badly. Tobacco also causes tooth discoloration and should therefore be avoided. Cosmetic dentistry in Arizona offers wonderful teeth whitening solutions. You must look for a reliable cosmetic dentist in Arizona to get your teeth professionally cleaned. A professional teeth whitening is able to remove most stains which results in beautiful smile.
Prevent gum disease
Gum disease poses a serious threat to your teeth. Gum disease causes bacterial infections that lead to inflammation and damage of the connective tissue and the bone. If left untreated, gum disease results in tooth loss. To prevent gum disease you must brush and floss regularly. Visit your dentist regularly. In case gum disease is detected and treated at an early stage the damage is not that severe and your teeth can be protected.
Avail cosmetic dentistry in Arizona treatments
Cosmetic dentistry is a boon for people who are not blessed with beautiful looking teeth but want them. There are a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that help correct chipped or broken teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps in between the teeth, yellowed and stained teeth and other dental disorders. Cosmetic dentist in Arizona by virtue of improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth improve the smile of their patients. They allow their patients to enjoy a beautiful and radiant smile.
Keep the above things in mind and let your teeth remain beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.

Monday, June 16, 2014

How much would a dental implant cost?

You are frustrated with your ill-fitting dentures and you hate them all the more for the pain and discomfort that they cause you. You want to getdental implants to eat your favorite foods and to enjoy a natural and beautiful looking smile. But you are not too sure if you can afford dental implants. Find out the average cost of the implants.

A single dental implant can cost you anywhere between $1000 and $3000 +/-. This is due to the fact that there are several factors that affect the cost of dental implants.

The city or state where you live may determine the cost of the implants. If you consider the general cost of living and the available insurance (if any), the cost of dental implants would also be high.

The skill of the dentist, his personal experience, and qualification may also affect the cost of the implants. The price charged by an experienced, qualified, and renowned dentist for performing the dental implants procedure would obviously be more than what is being charged by a novice. Experienced dentists offer high quality services and for this they charge a good amount of money from their patients.

The type of dental implant used and its location also determines the cost of the treatment. If you need a single dental implant to replace your single missing teeth then the cost would be less than if you want dental implants to replace several missing teeth or a whole set of your natural teeth.

The state of your teeth and the healthof your gums also play a significant role in deciding the cost of the dental implant surgery. If you have sufficient volume of jaw bone, it would be easier for the Sun City dentist to place the implants and the treatment would be less expensive. But if you do not have the adequate amount of bone, additional procedures may be needed to place the implants, such as bone grafting. This will increase the overall cost of the treatment.

Don’t panic. A Dental implant treatment is affordable; more so than most other restorative dental treatments

Initially, a teeth implant procedure appears to be very expensive when compared to the traditional tooth replacement options. But in the long run, teeth implants prove to be highly cost effective. This is because dental implants do not require extensive repairs, maintenance, and replacement procedures to preserve the implants and to prevent additional tooth loss. If you get dentures or bridges, you may have to spend money to treat bone defects, replace the initial bridge, or treat your natural teeth that were cut down to fix the bridge. Dental implants would save you these additional expenses.

Then there are ways to save money on dental implant treatments. You can search online for the best rates for dental implants procedures. Asking friends and family can help you locate the best Sun City dentist, as well as, the best price for the implant surgery. There are many dentists who offer attractive financing options to patients who are interested in getting teeth implants. Look for one such dentist to find the dental implant plan that suits your needs and your budget.