Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Providing Solid Dentistry

All dentists are not created equal. Some work harder than others and provide more services. If the time comes when you need an expertise that your dentist doesn’t offer it can cost you more money.

When searching for a Sun City dentist most people don’t think about the future work that their teeth might need. Think of it this way, 50 percent of American adults have periodontal disease. Odds are you’ll need more work done than you expect.

Patient Treatment

The majority of dentists know how to treat their patients with respect and make them feel comfortable for routine cleanings. Reading patient reviews and asking neighbors, friends, and family for recommendations is an easy way to find a popular dentist.

But this is just surface information. Learning the credentials, technology advancement and procedures offered is the other half of the equation.


Every dentist will have a degree, doctorate mostly. Additional training isn’t always required or taken as seriously, but it can be a great indicator of professionalism and an interest in the patient’s best interest.

For certain procedures different training is almost a must to ensure safety. In the event that periodontal disease may develop causing you to lose all of your teeth, what then? Are you going to trust just any inexperienced dentist to insert implants into your mouth correctly?

The answer is no. Surgeries like all-on-4 implants are challenging and require the most advanced technology and best training. In this case you’d want to search for a dentist who has received training from the Malo Clinic.


Technology is just as valuable as information. Using outdated materials won’t always ensure the best outcomes and can cause problems for more advanced procedures. Just as a good dentist will continue to attend training for dental knowledge they should also keep up with the most updated technology.

Dr. Kevin Gasser provides the best services with the most advanced technology because he cares about his patient’s safety and well-being.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Malo Clinic’s All-On-4

Most people will do research before deciding on a surgery like All-On-4. This article will help with the origins and overall technology introduced by the Malo clinic.

When researching about the procedure All-On-4 implants it is important to figure out the origins and who has the most experience. The Malo clinic is the leader in implantology and dental aesthetics.


Professor Dr. Paulo Malo founded the Malo clinic in 1995. His strong reputation in the field and clinical research has enhanced his knowledge in surgical techniques and innovative technology.

Not only has the Malo Clinic produced breakthroughs in the fixed prosthesis area, but it is also a place of education for over 3,500 professionals. They provide an advanced training center for professionals in dentistry looking to provide operations like All-on-4 to their patients.


All-on-4 is the first of its kind for many reasons. With only four anchorage sites and the angle used for the implants it usually eliminates the need for bone grafting. No other rehabilitation method had been able the fix that problem before.

The little to no healing time required is another special feature to All-on-4. Patients are sedated to ensure their safety and to create a pain free procedure. With only mild discomfort after waking the patient is able to go home that day with their full set of teeth.

With the highest survival rate seen on a rehabilitation procedure it makes it one of the best options for just about anyone.

Professionals Near You

Some Sun City dental providers offer the All-on-4 procedure. Dr. Kevin Gasser is among those professionals and who has become a graduate of the prestigious Malo clinic.

Gasser has developed a specialty for dental implants and takes pride in providing life changing results for his patients. Since Dr. Gasser is educated in every aspect of the rehabilitation process necessary for dental implants there is no need to see m

Multiple dentists saving you time and hassle.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 1,500 hours in extra training not including his degrees, Dr. Gasser is a leading dentist for dental implants.

Whether you are considering the All-on-4 implant procedure for yourself or a loved one it is a clinically proven solution for tooth loss. After finding the dentist that is right for your surgery all you’ll need to do is just enjoy the new smile that they have created just for you.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What to Expect from All-On-4

This article will cover all of the basic questions that a patient might have about All-On-4 cosmetic surgery.

Whether you need All-on-4 dental implants because of an accidental injury or because your oral hygiene wasn’t always the best, there are many questions that should be answered before going into the surgery room.

Is My Dentist Qualified?

Not all dentists are certified to do this type of procedure. It is also best to look for someone who has the most experience. For example Dr. Kevin Gasser is a specialist in restorative work. His credentials include 25 years of professional practice, a graduate of a prestigious Malo Clinic and 1500+ hours of additional training over the years.

The Malo clinic is the innovator of the All-on-4 procedure and produces some the best knowledge and training a doctor can receive for this expertise. These are some of the finest credentials you could ask for when deciding which doctor is qualified to do your procedure.

What Makes This Procedure Different?

About 90% of people are not candidates for traditional dental implants so a frequently asked question is what makes this different for those people. All-On-4 implants are inserted at an angle and can use a much longer insert than original implants. This takes away the need for bone grafting that most candidates aren’t eligible for.

Pain and Healing

Time is a valuable thing and for most people it is not a luxury to spare. A big question asked about implants is,“How painful is the surgery and how quick is the healing process?” Pain is minimal because of the sedation during surgery and the anti-inflammatory medication prescribed.

Considering the less invasive techniques used for All-on-4 verses traditional methods there is little to no healing time required before the bridge can be placed. Most individuals will walk out with a temporary set of teeth that day. This is just until the final porcelain set is made.

Is All-On-4 My Best Option?

Most people would argue that yes it is the best option. However here are some positive benefits to ensure that this procedure is what you really want.

  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Restores ability to eat all types of foods
  • Potentially lasts a lifetime
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Restores self-confidence through an amazing smile

These are just a few of the many positive outcomes that come with an All-on-4 procedure. Cost can be slightly more expensive or more cost effective based upon the dental work needed for your personal case. This is a question for your cosmetic dentist.

What is your smile worth to you? Most people would say that you can’t put a price on the confidence a good looking smile brings.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sun City Dentist: Mouthwash, a double edged sword

Mouthwash has pros and cons just like everything, but most people don’t consider all of the possibilities. This article will point out all the benefits and risks associated with mouthwash.

Every now and again we sleep in late or miss our alarms and that makes for a fast paced morning to rush to work, school or wherever else we have to go. Some people will cut corners by rinsing with mouthwash instead of properly brushing their teeth. But what happens when the minty effects wear off?

Cover Up

Mouthwash is great for many different things however it is not designed to replace flossing. For instance, swishing mouthwash instead of brushing is like using gum after eating something with onions. The smell is masked at first but once it wears off you’re no better off than before.

Proper mouthwash technique is to be used in conjunction with a brushing and flossing routine. It is also necessary to visit your Sun City dentist at least twice a year. This will allow for the best results.

Fighting Bacteria

Not all mouthwashes have the same ingredients and they tend to focus on different problems within the oral health category. There are three main types of mouthwashes; salt water, fluoride, and alcohol based.

Saltwater rinses are very simple to make at home with table salt and warm water. Most people will use these when it is dentist recommended after surgery or other oral problems.

Alcohol or Listerine based rinses are best for fighting off bacteria that can develop into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease creates rapid tooth decay and a need for dental implants. If you have a higher risk for periodontal disease, than Listerine mouthwash is the best choice.

High fluoride rinses are the best solution for people who tend to get a lot of cavities. Dentists use fluoride during their appointments to get the plaque that brushing can’t. However their fluoride content is much higher than any mouthwash will be.

The Negatives

One con that was mentioned earlier is that it only masks the bad breath. This is not a solution to all of your oral health problems it is merely another avenue to help.

Some people will also use mouthwash to sooth their canker sores. This can help as long as the alcohol content isn’t too high.  With a higher dose of alcohol it will actually irritate the sore more so it is important to choose carefully.

Another speculation is that mouthwash use can be linked to oral cancer. Many different studies have been done to try and prove this hypothesis but nothing has been concrete.

There are certain brands with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval on them that undergo extensive tests to ensure safety. So if you are concerned about the possibility of increasing your oral cancer risk there are approved mouthwashes for you.

Overall mouthwash cannot be substituted for good oral hygiene. They are simply used to enhance your oral health.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All about Cavities from a Sun City Dentist

This article will describe all about cavities and when to see your Sun City Dentist.

Cavities are very common in this country especially in children. Cavities can also show no symptoms leaving about 19 percent of children ages 2-19 with untreated cavities.  A cavity is simply tooth decay where either damage or a hole has formed. Untreated cavities can lead to the need for a tooth implant.


Tooth decay is the second most common disorder right after the common cold. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria will change carbs and starches into acids. Acids, foods bacteria, and saliva combine to create plaque.

Plaque is removable by brushing and can be harmless at first.Plaque begins to build up around 20 minutes after eating. If it isn’t removed tartar will form which will irritate the gums and cause gingivitis, cavities, and periodontal.

Diet is the cause for most tooth decay. Higher starch and carbohydrate diets will increase the risk of tooth decay. Sticky foods increase the risk because they are harder to remove.


Most of the time there are no symptoms which is why it is important to visit your Sun City dentist regularly.

If symptoms do start to occur it is usually tooth pain or an achy feeling. These symptoms usually occur after consuming sweet, hot or cold foods and drinks. Sometimes in more advanced tooth decay there will be visible pits or holes in the teeth.


Fortunately most cavities are caught during routine checkups. Visiting the dentist twice a year is the best thing that a person can do for their oral health. X-rays may need to be taken to see possible tooth decay between teeth.

To prevent further damage, treatments can include fillings, root canals, or crowns. A filling will removed the damaged portion of the tooth and refill it with a metal like gold, silver alloy, or porcelain. Porcelain is closer in color to a natural tooth color and is usually the preferred filling especially for front teeth.

Crowns are used for more extensive damage. They are used when too much of the tooth will need to be removed and a filling would lead to further breakage. The decayed area will be removed and repaired before the crown is made to be placed on top of what is left of the tooth.

Root canals are only used if there is damage to the nerve inside. The nerve is removed along with any decay and the root is filled with a sealing material.

Overall the best plan of attack for fighting off tooth decay is to watch your diet and visit your dentist on a regular basis to clean off what brushing cannot.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ways to Keep a Whiter Smile

Just about everyone wants to have a beautiful white smile. From home remedies to tooth paste people will try just about anything to get their teeth even just a shade lighter. If you’re serious about getting whiter teeth and keeping them whiter here are some habits to get into and some habits to lose.


Using whitening toothpaste can slightly remove surface stains caused by different foods and drinks. When choosing toothpaste it is important to read the manufacturer’s directions.

Most often than not it is safe to use whitening paste daily but checking the warnings is important because of the chemicals inside. Another factor to consider is that over time whitening paste may damage the natural enamel of the teeth so it is best to cycle on and off of them occasionally.

Oral Hygiene

Proper dental habits can keep your teeth sparkling. The recommended brushing twice a day and flossing once is to remove plaque buildup and residue. The plaque is one of the many things that can stain teeth so it is also recommended to visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings to get the plaque in places the brushing can’t.

Smoking is not in the good oral hygiene column either. Apart from all of the other reasons not to smoke, here is another. It stains your teeth and actually contributes to the bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth.


Certain liquids can stain the teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine are among the most common. Some people cannot start their mornings without coffee, but the effects could be lowered by reducing the intake by even half.

If that isn’t a fair enough trade off then it can help to brush your teeth directly after consuming the beverage. Another alternative is to drink those liquids through a straw as to avoid staining the front teeth that show. It would be pretty funny to see someone drink red wine through a straw, but you’ll impress more people with your smile.


With such a high demand to have whiter teeth many companies now make whitening treatments that you can buy at the department store. Whitening strips can work but need to be used very precisely and can sometimes leave an uneven coloring.

If none of this is enough to satisfy you than dental offices do have a more expensive solution. Bleaching and other whitening treatments can remove the majority of all stains and leave your teeth shining.

Even after using a bleaching treatment your teeth will start to yellow again if proper habits aren’t formed. A lifestyle change to give your teeth the best chance to remain white will be the most effective way to a smile you’re proud of.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Single Tooth Implant Replacement

A single tooth implant might be a better solution than a bridge for many reasons which will be discussed in this article.

Even at a young age some people can lose a tooth for many reasons. No matter the reason there are different options to choose from for a replacement. A single tooth implant is one of the better options.

The Procedure

The single implant will be placed into the bone tissue provided that bone is still undamaged. If this is a problem it can hopefully be corrected with the modern technology of a cosmetic dentist in Arizona.

After the implant is placed it needs time to heal so a temporary crown will allow the patient to have a normal smile until the final customized tooth crown can be placed at a later date.

Once the implant has healed it almost becomes an extension of the jaw bone. This is a solution to all of the dental problems that can be caused by a missing tooth. There won’t be any bone or jaw shifting, teeth will remain where they are, and your smile will be just as beautiful as before.


single tooth implant allows you to treat your smile no different than you would have if it was all your natural teeth. It still needs brushed and flossed just like natural teeth, but that’s something that should be done every day regardless.

Certain sticky or tough foods won’t be any more challenging to eat with an implant. Not only is the crown durable, but it is fixed in place creating a strength that all of your other teeth naturally have.

Bridge Verses Tooth Implant

Another alternative to a tooth replacement is a bridge which requires the neighboring teeth to be shaved down to support the cemented bridge. This solution isn’t as long term. The surrounding bone will continue to deteriorate which is a major concern.

With a bridge, gums can recede and allow the metal bridge underneath to be seen ruining the natural appearance of a smile. After a while it becomes hard to keep the bridge clean and bacteria can lead to decay of the surrounding teeth.


The best thing about a tooth implant is its ability to look just like your natural teeth. No one will even notice that you have a replacement, unless of course you tell them. Even then you’ll have complete confidence in your smile for almost a lifetime.

If a beautiful lifelong smile is a concern let a cosmetic dentist know and they can recommend the best solution to your personal problem. Be sure to ask if a single tooth implant is in your best interest.