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All About Acquiring Dental Implants in Arizona

People always have questions about more extensive surgeries like dental implants so this article seeks to bring light to frequently asked questions.

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Dental implants in Arizona are worth every dime, but even still there are a lot of questions that can keep people up at night leading up to the surgery. If you are getting anything from a single tooth implant to the All-on-4 procedure it is nicer to know what to expect.


Just about nobody likes pain, right? When people think of an implant being placed directly into the jaw bone it can seem painful. During the procedure there is no pain. Most dental offices use anesthesia and if you have a high anxiety for dental procedures it can be done with oral sedation and an IV, but only in some offices.

So if there is no pain during then there should be a lot of pain afterwards right? Wrong. There will be some discomfort that can be easily managed with pain control techniques that your dentist will provide for you. Some dentists can even prescribe medication to alleviate the discomfort.


The surgery usually only takes one to two hours, but it depends upon the number of implants needed, the location, and if any teeth need to be removed first. This is a question better left for your dentist when scheduling the appointment since they will know the specifics.

The healing process is a big concern for most patients. The healing process can take anywhere from 4 to 9 months mostly because the implant needs to become embedded into the jaw bone which can take time; however most individuals will walk out of the initial surgery with the full set of implanted teeth.

Your new set of teeth is a great investment for the amount of time they will last. If the body accepts the implant and it is cared for properly than they can last practically a lifetime. Some dentists have seen them last more than 30 years.

After Affects

If for some reason the body rejects the implant then it will have to be removed. The implants once removed will require healing before another implant can be placed.

Regardless, after the surgery your dentist will outline a special diet for the first part of the healing process. It will mostly consist of mashed vegetables, smoothies, and yogurt.

Doing your research can answer just about any other specific questions that you may have about your particular case. A beautiful smile is nothing to be afraid of.

Dental Advancements in Sun City

Sun City dentists are becoming more technologically advanced and continue to offer quality dental procedures.
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As technology advances there will always be those who continue to learn and grow with it and then there are those who are content with what they already know. Dental technology has advanced rapidly in the last five years.
Some Sun City dentists have taken to the challenge of keeping up and offering the best services possible for their patients. So what should you be looking for when searching for a dentist?
Training will always be one of the best qualifications to look for. Degrees like Bachelors and Masters will matter, but location can also be a contributor. All colleges are not created equal in every degree. Make sure to look for a college with a prestigious dental program.
Additional training is required as a dentist in order to keep updated on new information. However this training doesn’t always make them qualified to perform the most advanced procedures are that they have the technology that will best suit their patients.
Two things to look for are extra training and degrees from programs like MALO Clinic. The MALO Clinic is the founder of the all-on-4 dental implant surgery that is sweeping the nation. This isn’t a procedure that all doctors are qualified to perform so looking for a MALO degree is crucial.
Dr. Malo came up with all-on-4 implants which was far superior to other dental implants in many ways. It allowed for a shorter recovery time, less actual implant sites, and many other positive changes.
Without certain advancements in equipment it can inhibit the dentist’s ability to perform the surgery to their full potential. It can also increase any sort of risks involved or lengthen the recovery time.
For example Dr. Kevin Gasser has made sure to keep up with the best equipment advances and training. His recovery time on the All-on-4 surgery is exceptionally minimal and his patients walk out of the office that day with a full set of teeth.
To put it in perspective, an individual who still has a computer from 10 years ago won’t have the same quality and satisfaction with their computer than someone who bought the newest model.
Without the MALO clinic training and technology Dr. Gasser wouldn’t be qualified to offer his patients a procedure that is gaining momentum all over the world. He is now able to provide his patients with all of the latest procedures that they could ask for.
Technology will only continue to grow and those dentists who think that what they know now is enough will be overrun by more driven dentists.  Good luck finding the dentist that will best serve you.

Tooth Implants: Filling in the Missing Teeth

This article will describe all of the negative impacts that having a missing tooth can cause and how a dental implant can fix these problems.

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Having a missing tooth isn’t just a strike against your appearance but also towards your oral health as a whole. There are many different medical reasons to get a missing tooth replaced with a tooth implant.

Some people know all about a full mouth implant such as the all-on-4 surgery, but it is also possible to replace a single tooth.

Why Should You Replace Your Tooth?

Before heading off to their Sun City dentist most people want to know if a dental implant is worth their time. Food intake is one of the first big reasons. Chewing efficiency declines without all of the teeth present to help chew. Food will begin to accumulate in the empty space and can become difficult to keep clean.

If food and plaque begin to build up it increases the risk for periodontal disease. Periodontal or gum disease is how you end up losing all of your other teeth to tooth decay.

Each tooth is responsible for different parts of the facial structure and how everything functions. When a tooth is missing the adjacent teeth will shift to fill the space. A tooth will grow until it reaches the other tooth above it.

Without a tooth above it a tooth can over-erupt and cause structural problems for that part of the jaw as well as create a food trap between the teeth next to it that it has been pulling away from.

If the teeth don’t shift than the cheeks and lips usually will, but it depends on which tooth is lost. If a molar, back tooth, is lost than it can even cause extra wrinkling in the face and other deformities.

Ideally the missing tooth should be replaced immediately to prevent all of these consequences. A dental implant is the most permanent and cost effective solution to tooth loss.

An implant will be placed directly into the jaw bone to be used as an anchor. This part acts as the root of a natural tooth would to hold everything in place. Once that part has healed and becomes imbedded into the jaw bone the abutment is officially attached.

The abutment is just the connecting piece to hold the porcelain cap on top. With all of these pieces it will act just like a natural tooth would. The bone loss will subside and the other teeth won’t shift at all.

This implant can be cared for as a natural tooth would. There are no food restrictions and you can basically get back to your normal life. And of course smiling will be one of your favorite things to do again.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

All on 4 Step by Step

This article will describe the All on 4 procedure step by step.

Having a beautiful set of teeth is something that almost everyone wants. With the All on 4 procedure people with missing teeth can restore that sparkling smile. All on 4 is a type of dental implant surgery that is less invasive than previous implants.


The All on 4 procedure has become the best solution to restoring full arches to the upper and lower jaws. This can sound intimidating and as though it requires a lot of work, however that isn’t the case.

It is called All on 4 because only four implants are needed to secure both sets of arches into the jaw. Two implants are on the top and two on the bottom.

Most people who are turned down for other implants wouldn’t have enough jaw bone left after bone grafting. All on 4 doesn’t require bone grafting the majority of the time. This is great news for everyone who has ever been denied.

The Build Up

The first step towards receiving your new teeth is a consultation and diagnostic appointment with the dentist so he can fully evaluate your particular case. X-rays and photos will be taken and the dentist will decide whether there needs to be any extractions first.

Impressions will be needed to create the arches for the top and bottom jaw. After this appointment you will be scheduled for implant surgery where the replacement teeth will be fitted and adjusted.

Surgery Day

On surgery day four titanium implants will be placed into the jaw bone so it can integrate with the bone and secure itself. The back implants are angled for a deeper hold making these implants as firm as a natural set of teeth.

After the implants are secure the abutments are fastened in to and attach to the arches of, usually, porcelain teeth. You will walk out with a full set of beautiful teeth that day!


At first frequent checkups are required just to ensure that the gums have healed properly. Once the dentist feels that they have healed fine than the usual twice a year appointments are all that is needed.

Your new set of teeth will act just like your natural ones. They still need to be brushed, flossed, and taken care of like a natural set. Other than that there isn’t any extra maintenance. If you take care of your new smile it can last a lifetime.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Providing Solid Dentistry

All dentists are not created equal. Some work harder than others and provide more services. If the time comes when you need an expertise that your dentist doesn’t offer it can cost you more money.

When searching for a Sun City dentist most people don’t think about the future work that their teeth might need. Think of it this way, 50 percent of American adults have periodontal disease. Odds are you’ll need more work done than you expect.

Patient Treatment

The majority of dentists know how to treat their patients with respect and make them feel comfortable for routine cleanings. Reading patient reviews and asking neighbors, friends, and family for recommendations is an easy way to find a popular dentist.

But this is just surface information. Learning the credentials, technology advancement and procedures offered is the other half of the equation.


Every dentist will have a degree, doctorate mostly. Additional training isn’t always required or taken as seriously, but it can be a great indicator of professionalism and an interest in the patient’s best interest.

For certain procedures different training is almost a must to ensure safety. In the event that periodontal disease may develop causing you to lose all of your teeth, what then? Are you going to trust just any inexperienced dentist to insert implants into your mouth correctly?

The answer is no. Surgeries like all-on-4 implants are challenging and require the most advanced technology and best training. In this case you’d want to search for a dentist who has received training from the Malo Clinic.


Technology is just as valuable as information. Using outdated materials won’t always ensure the best outcomes and can cause problems for more advanced procedures. Just as a good dentist will continue to attend training for dental knowledge they should also keep up with the most updated technology.

Dr. Kevin Gasser provides the best services with the most advanced technology because he cares about his patient’s safety and well-being.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Malo Clinic’s All-On-4

Most people will do research before deciding on a surgery like All-On-4. This article will help with the origins and overall technology introduced by the Malo clinic.

When researching about the procedure All-On-4 implants it is important to figure out the origins and who has the most experience. The Malo clinic is the leader in implantology and dental aesthetics.


Professor Dr. Paulo Malo founded the Malo clinic in 1995. His strong reputation in the field and clinical research has enhanced his knowledge in surgical techniques and innovative technology.

Not only has the Malo Clinic produced breakthroughs in the fixed prosthesis area, but it is also a place of education for over 3,500 professionals. They provide an advanced training center for professionals in dentistry looking to provide operations like All-on-4 to their patients.


All-on-4 is the first of its kind for many reasons. With only four anchorage sites and the angle used for the implants it usually eliminates the need for bone grafting. No other rehabilitation method had been able the fix that problem before.

The little to no healing time required is another special feature to All-on-4. Patients are sedated to ensure their safety and to create a pain free procedure. With only mild discomfort after waking the patient is able to go home that day with their full set of teeth.

With the highest survival rate seen on a rehabilitation procedure it makes it one of the best options for just about anyone.

Professionals Near You

Some Sun City dental providers offer the All-on-4 procedure. Dr. Kevin Gasser is among those professionals and who has become a graduate of the prestigious Malo clinic.

Gasser has developed a specialty for dental implants and takes pride in providing life changing results for his patients. Since Dr. Gasser is educated in every aspect of the rehabilitation process necessary for dental implants there is no need to see m

Multiple dentists saving you time and hassle.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 1,500 hours in extra training not including his degrees, Dr. Gasser is a leading dentist for dental implants.

Whether you are considering the All-on-4 implant procedure for yourself or a loved one it is a clinically proven solution for tooth loss. After finding the dentist that is right for your surgery all you’ll need to do is just enjoy the new smile that they have created just for you.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What to Expect from All-On-4

This article will cover all of the basic questions that a patient might have about All-On-4 cosmetic surgery.

Whether you need All-on-4 dental implants because of an accidental injury or because your oral hygiene wasn’t always the best, there are many questions that should be answered before going into the surgery room.

Is My Dentist Qualified?

Not all dentists are certified to do this type of procedure. It is also best to look for someone who has the most experience. For example Dr. Kevin Gasser is a specialist in restorative work. His credentials include 25 years of professional practice, a graduate of a prestigious Malo Clinic and 1500+ hours of additional training over the years.

The Malo clinic is the innovator of the All-on-4 procedure and produces some the best knowledge and training a doctor can receive for this expertise. These are some of the finest credentials you could ask for when deciding which doctor is qualified to do your procedure.

What Makes This Procedure Different?

About 90% of people are not candidates for traditional dental implants so a frequently asked question is what makes this different for those people. All-On-4 implants are inserted at an angle and can use a much longer insert than original implants. This takes away the need for bone grafting that most candidates aren’t eligible for.

Pain and Healing

Time is a valuable thing and for most people it is not a luxury to spare. A big question asked about implants is,“How painful is the surgery and how quick is the healing process?” Pain is minimal because of the sedation during surgery and the anti-inflammatory medication prescribed.

Considering the less invasive techniques used for All-on-4 verses traditional methods there is little to no healing time required before the bridge can be placed. Most individuals will walk out with a temporary set of teeth that day. This is just until the final porcelain set is made.

Is All-On-4 My Best Option?

Most people would argue that yes it is the best option. However here are some positive benefits to ensure that this procedure is what you really want.

  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Restores ability to eat all types of foods
  • Potentially lasts a lifetime
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Restores self-confidence through an amazing smile

These are just a few of the many positive outcomes that come with an All-on-4 procedure. Cost can be slightly more expensive or more cost effective based upon the dental work needed for your personal case. This is a question for your cosmetic dentist.

What is your smile worth to you? Most people would say that you can’t put a price on the confidence a good looking smile brings.