Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Secret of Dental Implants by Dr.Kevin Gasser

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smile Confidently with a Single Tooth Implant

A Single tooth implant will let you flaunt your teeth and smile confidently even if you have missing teeth or any dental ailment. The treatment is safe, fast, and highly reliable. You can get teeth that feel and look natural.

Have you lost a tooth or a few teeth due to an accident? Do you feel awkward talking and smiling in public? If so, a single tooth implant can address your problem.

About a Single Tooth Implant

A Tooth Implant, also known as a dental implant, involves the process of replacing a damaged or missing tooth with an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is made up of Titanium and is given the shape of screws. It is made to fit deep inside the roots so that it doesn’t fall or come out like dentures.

Single Tooth Implant
The treatment involves making an incision in the gums and creating space by making a small hole in the jawbone. Then a titanium alloy cylinder is inserted into the jawbone which serves as an artificial root for holding the false tooth. The implants are then allowed to be healed. The healing period can last from 4 to 6 months during which time the implant would fuse with the jaw-bone for providing strong and stable support to the implant.

After the surgical procedure, the patients are given antibiotics and pain relievers. Within a few days, the implants start showing signs of healing. Your dentist would cover your implant with a crown or a bridge. The crown would be custom made so that it can blend easily with your other teeth. Depending on whether you are getting a single tooth implant for front teeth, back teeth or multiple teeth, the crown would be made up of metal, ceramic, or porcelain.

Cost of teeth implants

Teeth implants are usually expensive compared to dentures and other traditional, corrective dental procedures. Roughly, the cost can vary anywhere between $1000 and $4000, per tooth. The cost of teeth implants depends on several factors, including the fact that if you are getting a single tooth implant or multiple teeth implants, the amount of work that is done before the implants are placed, the experience and qualification of the dentist who is performing the surgery, the type of implant done, and the implant devices used.

The cost for teeth implants would be low if you want to get an implant for a single missing tooth or a few misaligned teeth. But if you want teeth restoration for full upper or lower jaws or you want full mouth restoration, the cost of the implants would be quite high.

Enjoying success out of dental implants

Studies have revealed 95% success rate for dental implants. When done correctly and if patients follow proper oral care and hygiene, implants can last for 10-20 years. Implants are not at all uncomfortable and they do not fall, break or chip. They are permanent and look aesthetically very pleasing. If you have a missing tooth or you need to replace a few teeth, look for a qualified, experienced, and reliable dentist to get the tooth implant procedure. The result would be a beautiful smile and natural looking teeth and enhanced confidence and self-esteem.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Choosing Between Dental Implants And Dentures

We all want to have bright and beautiful looking teeth. But some of us are either born with chipped and broken teeth while others lose their teeth due to an accident or illness. But thanks to the modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, we can now have sparkling white, even and attractive looking teeth. One can go for dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and other cosmetic dental procedures for enhancing the aesthetic appearance of one’s teeth.

Dental Implants vs dentures

Until recently, dentures were considered the best option for people with missing teeth. Dentures are quite economical but there are many drawbacks associated with this method. First, dentures do not look natural and they clearly stand out from natural teeth – and not in a good way. Moreover, dentures are not fixed permanently into the jawbone. They are made to stick to the gums with the help of glue or paste. People who wear dentures often face embarrassment when their dentures fall out while eating or laughing in public. If not fitted properly, dentures can cause tooth decay and infection. They also cause inflammation and irritation in the mouth and cause plaque accumulation.

What makes dental implants better than dentures?

Dental implants provide a permanent and safer option for the treatment of missing teeth. The process involves soldering of the Titanium parts in the jaw line and fixing of the tooth on top of that. Titanium provides a strong and long lasting base for the implants. Also, implants look and feel much like natural teeth. They are not prone to any decay and tooth infection. Since implants are stronger, you can eat anything and can speak clearly with the implants. Unlike dentures, the implants do not slip or fall or break. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are aesthetically pleasing too.

Beautiful Smile Dental implants cost more than the dentures, but if you are looking for a permanent option to get rid of missing teeth, you must consider them. You can eat and talk naturally with the help of implants. You won’t get any ulcers or bacteria or plaque infection in your mouth unlike dentures that pose these dental problems. The best part is that no one would be able to make out that you are wearing dental implant. They look and feel so natural that even you would not realize that you are wearing an implant.

If you are still worried about the cost of the dental implant you can look at a medical insurance plan that may cover the particular treatment. You can also look for an affordable dental implant treatment in a different city. There are many clinics and dentists that offer reliable and efficient dental implant treatments at competitive prices. The web is the best place to find affordable dental implant services in your city.

Get in front of your computer and search for low cost dental implants. Enjoy natural looking, pearly white, beautiful teeth. Fill the ugly gaps caused by missing teeth.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Dental Implants - Enjoy a Radiant And Beautiful Smile

A smile is a person’s biggest asset. Regardless of the exact cause behind the teeth loss, you can restore your smile and lost confidence and self-esteem with dental implants in Phoenix.

You may have lost your teeth due to an accident or because of poor hygiene and dental care. If your missing teeth are preventing you from behaving confidently in public and affecting your self-esteem and confidence, you may consider getting dental implants.

Dental Implants in Phoenix - The procedure

Acquiring Dental implants in Phoenix are about obtaining artificial roots that are inserted directly into the jaw. A titanium post is screwed inside the bone and is allowed to heal and once it has healed, a crown is added on to the post. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, which makes people highly satisfied. They are non-removable and permanent and require the same care that is required for natural human teeth. If you follow good oral health and hygiene, your dental implants can last for many years, letting you enjoy a beautiful and radiant smile.

Dental Implants - The key to a beautiful and healthy smile

If you feel awkward smiling in front of other people because you have one or more missing teeth, it is recommended that you go for dental implants. Dental implants will give you natural looking and beautiful teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

The results of dental implants are excellent and almost anyone can go for them. Compared to dentures, dental implants require less care. And unlike bridges, these are comfortable to wear and to maintain. In fact, no one can usually tell that you have gotten implants.

For getting Sun City dental implants, you need to ensure that your jawbone is in healthy condition since this is the place where the tooth implant will be fitted. If the jawbone has receded in quality, it may affect the results of the procedure. To provide support to the titanium post, there should be an adequate amount of healthy bone in your mouth.

Then if you want the results of the dental implants to be satisfactory you need to ensure that the overall state of your mouth is healthy. You must be enjoying good overall oral health and there should not be any serious gum or jaw disease afflicting your mouth. Smoking can affect the lifespan of your implants and also the success rate of the procedure.

The cost of Dental Implants

Radiant And Beautiful SmileDental implants are expensive compared to bridges and dentures, but they are worth the expense keeping in mind the benefits that they promise. The cost of dental implants depends on several factors, which include the extent of tooth decay, the condition of the bone, the number of teeth that require extraction, if any, and the type of implant that you choose. The total area of the missing teeth will also determine the cost of dental implants.

To determine the exact cost of dental implants in Phoenix, you must find a reliable and experienced dentist to access the condition of your teeth and mouth. He or she will closely examine the current condition of your mouth and will give you the exact price quote for dental implants to restore your smile and confidence.

Get dental implants and impress everyone with your beautiful new smile.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Enhance your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

Patients treated with dental implant treatments experienced significant benefits as their ability to chew and speak is enhanced largely.

Dental implants have come a long way in the recent years as these are the only reliable and durable alternatives for teeth replacements. Implants need the same care and maintenance as original teeth such as brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups. A dental implant in Arizona is gained through a specialized treatment and can aid in restoring the smile of people who have lost their natural teeth due to an injury or a disease.

One of the most common reasons why many people today consider a dental implant treatment is because removable dentures usually restrict the eating and speaking efficiency of a person. According to research, patients treated with dental implant treatments experienced a significant benefit as their ability to chew and speak enhanced largely.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are typically artificial fixtures placed to replace the missing teeth of a patient. These permanent fixtures are made of titanium posts that are anchored to the jawbone and covered with replacement teeth or a bridge that cements into the posts.

Everyone who can provide regular dental care can use implants. Generally, implants include deliberately placed posts that can be one, a few or many and act as artificial tooth roots for a permanent bridge of stable, irremovable and naturally looking replacement teeth.

If your single tooth or multiple teeth have been lost due to poor lifestyle habits, accidental injury or a disease, then you can consider having a dental implant treatment. Your teeth can effectively be replaced with artificial implants but, while at the same time, gives you the look and feel of your natural teeth. After a dental implant treatment, rest assured that your facial beauty, chewing, speaking and smiling ability will be enhanced. Implants are indeed durable and last for years if you provide them the same dental care as you do to your natural teeth. Routine dental care includes brushing, flossing and periodical dental check-up that assures that your implant treatment was successful.

Dental ImplantsThe best part about undergoing an implant treatment is that your adjacent healthy teeth will not be compromised, your dental implant procedure will be pain-free and all your teeth will be replaced within a few hours. Mild anesthesia may also be given in case of any discomfort during or after the implant procedure.

Missing teeth generally have a negative impact on people. Patients often lose their self-confidence due to their attractive appearance. Since slippery dentures make chewing and talking difficult, implants make it all easier. Dental implants look and feel completely like natural teeth and boost confidence of the patient. Implants not only enhance the morale of people but they also encourage them to lead a life with a positive attitude.

Today, with the advent of the internet, you can find some of most reputable, experienced and affordable implant dental centers that specialize in a wide range of dental treatments from single-tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement to “All on Four” dental implants and more.

Whether you have missed some of your teeth due to ageing, injury, gum disease or any other problem, trusting the idea of getting a dental implant in Arizona is a smart decision.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Discover the Facts about Single-Tooth Implants

A Single-tooth implant is an ideal solution for people missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. An implant is an artificial tooth that is surgically placed into the jawbone of a patient.

Once the implant merges to the bone, it serves as a root for replacing the missing tooth. A crown or cap that appears just like a real tooth is fixed to the implant, thereby filling the remaining space in the mouth. 

However, for a person to get teeth implants in Arizona, he or she must have sufficient bone in the jaw, and it should be able to hold, as well as, support the artificial tooth. If there is a lack of sufficient bone, the implant treatment may be carried out with bone augmentation. Furthermore, the original teeth and supporting tissues where the tooth would be placed should be in good health.

Treatment carried out by a team of professional dental surgeons

A dental implant treatment utilizes the most refined technology to carry out the dental procedure. The treatment is conducted by an expert team of professionals including the dental surgeon and oral surgeon. During the treatment, the dentist prepares a crown and the oral surgeon conducts the implant surgery. 

The treatment further involves an extensive examination, oral discussion with the patient and the relevant X-rays. The oral surgeon then surgically penetrates the implants into the patient’s jawbone. The entire implant team of professionals then works to ensure that the single tooth implant is a lasting success.

Some important questions:

How often do you need to get your implants examined?

Generally, the success of an implant procedure depends on how you maintain your oral health after that. Although, the new teeth should be treated as well as original teeth with regular brushing and flossing, you must get professional cleaning done by a dentist specialist or a hygienist after every three to four months. This would ensure that your implant treatment was successful.

When can you get back to your normal life after the implant treatment?

Tooth Implants You can get back to your routine life just after the very next day of your implant surgery, unless any particular surgical issues occur – which is very rare.

So, what exactly are the benefits you will derive after receiving dental implants in Mesa?

  • You will restore your natural smile
  • Your overall appearance will improve
  • Enhanced chewing ability
  • Enhanced smiling and speaking ability
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Whether you are missing only one tooth or many teeth in your jawbone, you can trust dental implants without a second thought. These treatments mainly emphasize curing tooth issues that often occur due to accidental injuries, tooth decay, gum disease, chronic diseases, or even poor lifestyle choices including drug addiction, alcoholism or others.

Therefore, when you want to smile again in life with improved confidence, find a well-known dental implant center now and enjoy the benefits with teeth implants in Arizona. Restore your natural beauty again and step towards a brighter future.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dental Implant Dentists in Arizona Offer a Fixed Solution to Denture Woes, PART 2

This two-part article series explains the benefits of “All-On-4” dental implants as a far better and more sophisticated solution to missing teeth than removable dentures.

Solution to Denture WoesWelcome to the second installment of this article series on “All-On-4” dental implants and the benefits of this teeth replacement strategy over traditional removable dentures. In Part 1, we spoke to a dental implant dentist in Arizona who provided us with an explanation of what the “All-On-4” is and how it works. It was then explained that one of the key differences between this procedure and dentures is that it provides patients with new teeth that:

  • Are fixed and non-removable,
  • Feel comfortable and natural,
  • Don’t push down on or rub against the gums, causing pain and irritation.

In this article, we shall continue to look at more of the “All-On-4”’s incredible benefits, including the fact that it allows patients to get new teeth in a day in Sun City!

The Benefits of “All-On-4” Implants Continued...

Bite Function

“Dental implants function like natural tooth roots. They’re also made from the exceptionally strong metal titanium and the combination of the two enables patients to eat most of their favorite foods,” explains the dental implant surgeon in Arizona. “I’ve had patients who have been wearing dentures for so long, they’ve virtually forgotten what things like steak, corn on the cob and popcorn taste like. With the “All-On-4” promoting a much stronger and more comfortable bite, patients are able to eat these things again. And with a wider diet comes a higher quality of life.”

Smile Aesthetics

The acrylic bridge supported by the dental implants is expertly custom fabricated to look like a set of beautiful, natural and healthy teeth. Once mounted onto the implants, your smile will be virtually indistinguishable from real teeth and gums, which is just one of the fantastic benefits behind the “All-On-4”, say dental implant dentists in Arizona.

New Teeth in a Day for Sun City Residents

Thanks to the incredible advancements that have been made in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation, treatment planning and diagnostics, edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients who have been determined candidates for the “All-On-4” are literally able to get new teeth in a day in Sun City. This is provided that they don’t require bone grafting first, but in most cases, the “All-On-4” bypasses it.

All-On-4 Dental Implants“Every day, we have patients walking in to our office with a world full of troubles; usually revolving around the low self-esteem and poor quality of life caused by denture-wearing. On the same day, these patients walk out again with a brand new set of teeth, which we have been able to provide them in a single appointment,” say dental implant surgeons in Arizona. “The “All-On-4” is a feat of modern dentistry.”

No More Denture Challenges

And, of course, with the “All-On-4”, Sun City residents can forget about the following challenges and repeat expenses...

  • Bulky, ill-fitting teeth
  • Triggered gag reflex
  • Difficulty tasting food
  • Messy adhesives
  • Taking teeth out after meals for cleaning
  • Soaking dentures overnight
  • Having bridgework redone every few years
  • Premature aging associated with bone atrophy
  • Sore, uncomfortable gums
  • The need to buy anesthetic gel to soothe irritated gums
  • Dentures that harbor food debris and bacteria
  • Bad “denture breath”
  • Difficulty eating harder, crunchier foods
  • Malnutrition due to inability to manage healthy, fresh foods.